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Company Law

Company Law

Since the introduction of the new Companies Act over a decade ago, there have been many changes in the way businesses are run. More and more of our clients are now setting up companies for their businesses. We can advise on every aspect of Company Law, from formation through to liquidation. 

We can assist in any off the following:

Setting up a new company
Company Constitutions
Financing Company Operations
Providing Security
PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register)
Company Keys or Company Authorities
Sale and Purchase of Shares
Shareholder Agreements and disputes between Shareholders
Introducing new Shareholders
Removing Shareholders
Appointment and removal of Directors
Director and shareholder liabilities
Increasing and Decreasing the number of shares
Maintaining Company Records
LTC Companies
Joint Venture Companies
Companies set up to run single projects
Advice to shareholders, directors, investors and guarantors, plus liabilities on those parties

WebsterLaw can provide specific advice and assistance on all these matters and many more.