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Family and Matrimonial Law

Family Law

Statistically over a third of all relationships break down. It's not a pleasant position to be in, but at WebsterLaw we will steer you through this very emotional traumatic time and sensitively advise you on your rights and obligations, no matter what your situation. 

We can negotiate with the lawyer for your partner/spouse and advise you on finalising a separation agreement. This can include a settlement of your relationship property, definition of any separate property, post separation spousal support, child support, occupation of the family home and care of and contact with your children.  We do not do family court litigation, as this is a specialised area, we but can refer you to skilled and competent family law barristers, brief them on the issues and ride shotgun, if needed, during any court hearings.  Having said that, we can assist you with family court mediations in an attempt to get a resolution. 

We also help clients with "pre-nups" or contracting-out agreements under Section 21 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 where the relationship is new or existing but has not broken down and both parties want to amicably provide for the division of their assets in the case of separation or death.  This is very important when there is a second or subsequent relationship and both parties want to protect themselves from any future heartache. It's also important to ensure children from previous relationships are safeguarded. 

WebsterLaw can help you look at the bigger picture and include, where necessary, property sharing agreements, wills, memoranda of wishes, trusts and any other legal device we consider important for you to achieve your desired end result.