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Financial Law

Financial Law

Someone smart once said that money is not the root of all evil, it's the lack of money. 

When it comes to managing your money, whether as an asset or a liability, WebsterLaw can help you with:

Raising finance
Refinancing one loan with another
Changing banks
Mortgaging property
Debt collection

Invoice financing for business
Equity financing
Company finance
Finance for business

It does not matter what structure you are using, whether it is personal, a partnership, a company, a trust, we take your instructions, liaise with your old and new bank or finance company, organise all the necessary documents, consents and approvals, meet with you to sign up the documents and arrange the settlement. The funds are transacted through the trust account and any surpluses can be paid out to you the same day as cleared funds through our facility at Westpac with their same-day cleared payments system.

WebsterLaw can advise you on fixed and floating loans, overdrafts, term loans, interest-only facilities, interest and payment holidays in tight times, and any other queries you have.  We can help you negotiate with your bank or creditors to achieve your desired outcome, whatever that may be.