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Resource Consent

Resource Consent

So much of what we want to do on our properties is controlled by council red tape these days, and Resource Consent applications are frequently required.

WebsterLaw can guide you through sometimes daunting process. We can help if:

You need land-use consent for an activity that is not provided for in the Council's District Plan.
You want to do earthworks, or large or small subdivisions.
You've been asked to consent to someone else's application and don't know if you should agree or not.
You don't like what someone else plans to do and need to place and submit an objection.
You're looking at land subdivision from a small two-house cross lease through to a big "greenfields" development.  We work alongside your surveyor and planner, or help you find the right consultants and contractors for the job. We'll prepare your consent application and make all the necessary submissions that go with it.  We can present your application in person to Council at both public and private meetings. 

Our expertise can sometimes make all the difference in submitting a successful application.  We can negotiate your consent conditions if you are not happy with them.

Websterlaw is able to assist at any level up to the Environment Court. We pull in specialist help with the actual court hearings and work closely with those specialists to ensure your case is prepared and presented properly.